The Brief

H2 Energy’s vision was to generate renewable energy and support a more sustainable environment through innovative bio engineering technology. Their unique waste solution was based on their ability to build a modular ‘waste to energy’ plant on site, due to the small footprint of their installation. This avoided the cost of transporting waste to an external facility, which in turn delivered significant environmental benefits. Our brief was to produce a total rebranding programme that communicated the pioneering nature of the company and its technology.

Our Response

We took our inspiration from various elements and component parts of H2 Energy’s bio engineering technology. This was expressed as the formula below, reading left to right. The first graphic symbolises the modular nature of the processing plant, the second expresses the bio engineering science and the third is the symbol for Hydrogen, which plays a key part in the process. With an inescapable logic behind it, the new brand mark has a strength, modernity, sense of technology and memorability that does justice to the innovative nature of H2 Energy bio engineering.

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The Outcome

The rebrand exceeded the client’s expectations in every regard. Our ability to grasp the essentials of a highly complex subject and to translate it into a distinctive brand identity impressed the entire management team.

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