The Brief

We were asked to come up with a way-finding system, for the store interior and the external areas, covering three floors, four different store entrances and three car parks.

Our Response

To create order out of what was a fascinating chaos of merchandise, across four floors, we developed a colour coding system that punctuated the interior space. This was supported by iconography that formed the core of the directional information. A floor directory was stationed at all of the main entrances, featuring the colour-coding to highlight and differentiate the merchandise displayed on each floor. Conversational ‘speech bubble’ signs were introduced into areas where it was difficult for customers to determine the best route to the main areas of the store, or to simply direct them to where they had parked. The exterior signage reflected the interior system, featuring simple iconography combined with clear directional information.

Exterior Wayfinding

Floor Directory

Stairwell Wayfinding

Interior Wayfinding

Lifts Surrounds and Directory

Informational Signage

The Outcome

The new way-finding system fully achieved its primary purpose, was well received by the store management and customers alike, whilst adding a vibrancy and modernity to this magnificent furniture emporium.

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