We were delighted to be approached by an internationally respected creative thinker in the industry, to collaborate on creating highly distinctive and effective wine label designs. The person in question is Lee Middleton, MD and Creative Director of one of the most forward-thinking, creative ventures to emerge in the wine industry in recent years.

Sense of Place is described as ‘the wine creatives’ for good reason. They’re in from the very beginning. Visiting vineyards, talking to the producers, understanding the trade customers and consumers, creating the brand names, the stories and providing the creative direction for the design team. Sense of Place then often facilitate the entire production process from print and bottling to the retailer shelf or restaurant internationally.

Our Response

Every wine has a story. And it’s our job to interpret and communicate it visually, in the most convincing and engaging way.

The name of the game is to bring the individual wine’s story to life, in a space that’s on average, 95mm x 105mm. It’s about condensing the visual concept, graphic clues and treatment of the name, onto a tiny canvass. Above all to bring a distinctive quality and personality that demands interest, attention and preference.

Once on the shelf or in the restaurant, the label has to do the ultimate selling job and reflect the quality in the bottle.

The Outcome

Introducing a new wine brand isn’t an overnight job. Many of the wines we have featured are in the process of being bottled, and travelling through the various distribution channels.
Suffice to say that they have been painstakingly evaluated by the most demanding of producers, distributors and stockists and have all passed with flying colours.

We collaborate exclusively in the wine category with Sense of Place, working on wine related projects.

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