Our Brief

The Transform ‘Patients Stories’ campaign had run successfully for three years. There was a need to move it on to specifically target the 18 – 24 age group as they were coming under increasing attack from one of the leading competitors. In terms of attitudinal types the target audience was defined as follows; Type 1 – important to be attractive to the opposite sex – I like to stand out in a crowd – spend lots of money on toiletries and cosmetics. Type 2 – want to look good to impress peers – beauty comes from within – to be beautiful is to be simple and natural – I really want to look after myself.

Campaign Video – Scarlett's Story

Our Response

In the face of increasing competition there was a need for far more than ‘more of the same’. And yet ‘Patient Stories’ provided the best possible kind of third party endorsement. Our response, in collaboration with strategic partners, was to leverage the influence of four high profile, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, who had all chosen Transform for their cosmetic procedures. This enabled us to stay true to the brand (real patients), bloggers crossed the divide of the different types of 18 – 24 year olds, they performed equally well across all channels and delivered around one million dedicated followers, on day one of the campaign.

Campaign Video – Lydia's Top 5


Art Direction & Photography

Photography Portraits

Transform Blogger Stories Website

Social Media

TV Advertisements

Press Advertisements

Roll-Fold Campaign Booklet

In-Clinic Posters

The Outcome

The results of the campaign exceeded all targets. Overall web traffic was up 22% in the campaign launch period. Facebook engagement March – April 2016 was up 170%. Rhinoplasty page views were up 34% with Instagram followers up 197%. The campaign launched to a one million plus social media following across the four bloggers.

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