If you want to put together a successful brand plan, you can do it by answering just six questions. Answer them honestly, comprehensively and unflinchingly and you won’t need the services of the best strategic planner in town. It’s a sort of DIY brand audit and the best way to impress your Marketing Director. Or if you are the Marketing Director to achieve clarity of thought and action. Once you’ve asked the right questions, then you’ll also have the right answers.

Where are we?
The nature of your markets.
Your position in those markets.
The competitive environment/product offer.
The process by which people buy.

Why are we here?
What combination of product, price, distribution and marketing has led to your brand’s current positioning and personality?
Is the reputation of your brand consistent with your product and service?

Where could we be?
If people who think one thing about your brand were to think something else, would they be likely to change their behavior in such a way as to achieve your sales and marketing objectives?

What is the main marketing opportunity/problem?
What is the main means of addressing it?
What is the key aspect of the brand and what it stands for – is it to be strengthened or changed?

How could we get there?
Who are the key target group in terms of users, usage and attitude?
What do our target market think and believe and what do we want them to believe or feel about the brand?

Are we getting there?
A combination of management’s judgment combined with research if relevant.
What is the role for research?
How will it contribute?
Who is going to use it – for what?
Will we change anything as a result of it?
What sort of questions would it ask?
What sort of research methods seem best for this?



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