The Brief

The Podcast Host – an online-based Podcast hub that teaches members how to create, build and star in their very own podcasts – approached Glorious seeking a full brand refresh. They wanted a rebrand that represented the diversity and inclusivity of their ever expanding podcasting network, whilst still capturing the friendly and knowledgeable personality of the business. The team turned to Glorious to refresh the visual identity of their main brand The Podcast Host, sub-brand Podcraft and software Alitu, to elevate their current offering and help to reach new podcast lovers, far and wide.

Our Response

After immersing ourselves in the brand, it was clear that central to this project was the understanding that with so many podcast hosts belonging to The Podcast Host family, the brand identity refresh needed to sustain the approachable spirit of the brand, whilst having enough brand stretch to reflect their diverse community of users. It was essential that the branding embody this sentiment – with no podcaster left behind.

Our creatives developed a bespoke typeface with a number of distinctive letters (which also informed the logotype) that were used to reiterate the idea of the many unique characters and personalities that make up the podcast network. Since The Podcast Host and sub-brand Podcraft, as well as Alitu exist primarily online, we carefully crafted short form logos for use across the website and digital platforms.

After careful consideration, we recommended using Blush Design, an online tool that cleverly hosts a collection of high-quality illustrations from selected artists around the world, allowing subscribers to fully customise their chosen illustrations for a nominal monthly fee. This resolved the need to produce a wide variety of assets on a regular basis, providing longevity and flexibility to easily create the visual content required in the right colours and style.

These attractive and playful character illustrations could be changed and customised to express the wide range of benefits the brand has to offer, aligning with its multiple audiences and unique range of podcasters, as well as working for formats from social through to digital.


As well as their leading brand, The Podcast Host, the client also wanted us to tighten up the identity of their sub-brand Podcraft. Podcraft is The Podcast Host’s academy, where using their wealth of expertise built up in the category, they now teach people how to create their own high-quality podcasts, giving students access to valuable insights and professional tools to help them on their podcasting journey. Formally known as ‘The Podcast Academy’, this platform underwent a name change during the development period as a result of research conducted via brand workshops.


Alitu is The Podcast Host’s podcast-making software that allows users to streamline the process of sound engineering and access simple tools to enhance the quality and professionalism of their podcast quickly and efficiently – allowing for more time to be spent on the fun part, the creation of their show – without getting bogged down in technical logistics.

The brand personifies this software as a quirky robot character. So, in line with the rebrand, we refined the character to fit with the new brand style, complete with The Podcast Host’s signature P as an antenna and incorporating a sound wave screen into the body design to represent the online element of the brand. 

Throughout the process of the rebrand, refining the client’s social media assets was a core part of Glorious’ remit. We swapped out the busy and cluttered style of old graphics for sleek new brand-oriented designs that could be used to enhance engagement and consistency across channels. We subtly made use of the brand’s distinctive letter P to form a variety of template backgrounds for social posts, and repeated other motifs such as the soundwave found on Alitu’s robot, to bring a feeling of cohesion across all brand assets.

The Outcome

The client was thrilled with the rebrand, new website, social assets and overall visual identity, which now embodies consistency and cohesion, elevating the brand in-line with the company’s upwards growth trajectory, while still keeping all the organic quirkiness and personality that’s always been at the foundation of the brand’s values.

“Working with Glorious Creative was honestly one of the smoothest agency experiences I’ve had, and I’ve worked in and with quite a few. They take the briefing stage very seriously, so before you spend a penny they will help you pinpoint what you actually need to do. Crucially, they’re great at what they do. You can tell they enjoy their work because it comes across in the craft and care for detail.

Thank you Glorious! It was an absolute pleasure to go spelunking into the depths of our brand & mission with you, and we love the branding system you’ve created for us to express it.”

Jacob Anderson Growth Team Lead

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