The Brief

Insiris is a specialist consultancy engaged in solving works management and manufacturing process problems. The brief was to rebrand the business in order to differentiate the Insiris offering from the off-the-shelf software solutions available, from large corporations that dominate the market.

Our Response

To arrive at meaningful insights, we undertook research into the market analysing the competitive landscape and market needs. In addition, we held a brand workshop with the client’s founders and senior management team. We discovered there was arguably no direct competition and that companies approached Insiris understanding the consequences of their problem, but not knowing the exact nature of its root. As a result, the target audience is CEO’s, COO’s, Operational Directors and IT Directors, who are looking to challenge the status quo and instigate change. They often have a pressing need to resolve an issue they often can’t quite grasp or fully understand. They are optimistic and believe that bespoke technology can help them achieve innovative and productive outcomes for their business, but they need support and additional expertise in implementing it.

The target market believe that Insiris can help them to reimagine how they work and enable them to gain access to skills and technology beyond their existing understanding.

Core Competence
A brand workshop enabled us to investigate and determine Insiris’ core competence, that is, what they do uniquely well, that no-one else can copy quickly enough to affect their competitive advantage. We established their core competence to be – human ingenuity that embraces bespoke technology.

Brand Positioning
We positioned Insiris as the brand that offers effective, data-driven, value-led management solutions by applying human ingenuity that embraces cutting edge bespoke technology, for those looking to solve complex operational and planning problems.

Creative Expression
Human ingenuity, leading technology.

The Outcome

The best way to summarise the outcome is to quote the client. “We want to be seen as the ‘A-Team’ of the bespoke operational software and solutions world, and the strategic work produced by Glorious Creative will help us to get there”.

The understated identity informed the entire branding. The messaging was simple, providing clarity around the Insiris offering. Strong use of black, with minimum colour, visually differentiated the consultancy from other providers in the market offering off-the-shelf software solutions.

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