The Brief

Glorious were commissioned to reposition and rebrand alldayPA, the UK’s leading telephone answering provider. In recent years the business has moved into the corporate space, widening and strengthening its service offering. Until recently, the focus had been on SEO and PPC activity, and despite generating good returns, there had been little investment in the way of brand-building. In addition, the sector was primed for a progressive and forward-thinking operator to start to behave like the undisputed market leader.

Our Response

To uncover meaningful insights we researched the market, analysing the competitive landscape and market needs. We conducted a valuable brand workshop with the business founder and senior management team to redefine the core values and attributesIn addition, we mapped-out customer personas that would enable the brand to resonate and engage in a more meaningful way.

Fantastic customer service had been instrumental in building the reputation of the business. The core values of ‘believing in small businesses’, and ‘believing in real people’ – are values that resonate with the target audiences who include everyone, from local tradesmen, to blue chip companies, and household names. The SME market was determined as the primary target audience for alldayPA.

To fulfil the key objectives set out in the creative brief, Glorious repositioned alldayPA – redefining brand attributes, values, and evolving a single-minded proposition. A strong brand personality was expressed through a new visual language and reimagined tone of voice.

Brand Proposition
Whereas the brand attributes and values inform and inspire the internal brand and ways of working, we developed a singular point of focus for the external brand. Once we had defined that the purpose of alldayPA is to support businesses and give them the time to focus on what really matters, the proposition became apparent.

We create… time – alldayPA gives you the only thing money can’t buy.

Core Competence
The competition make similar claims to one another, and ‘call answering’ is certainly an instantly recognised sector-wide term, but in order to differentiate them we needed to go beyond that. We wanted to own the word ‘expert’ as that elevates alldayPA above the competition, making them more than simply a service for answering the phone. Time also an became an integral component of the brand – ‘24/7’ is rooted in the proposition. With these two distinctive factors, alldayPA can aspire to be the undisputed market leader. Expert call answering 24/7.

Brand Positioning
To SMEs, alldayPA is the call-answering company that offers bespoke back-up support, 24/7. That’s because alldayPA provides efficiency, value and personality, operating as a trusted extension of the team, so that businesses and business owners can focus on what they do best.

The Outcome

Glorious created a brand that is approachable and unassuming; it educates without being patronising; balances size, experience and expertise with familial outlook and values; positions the clients front and centre, making them feel valued and important; communicating value clearly and simply.

And perhaps most importantly, it reflects alldayPA’s personality whilst conveying their ability to mould and integrate with a wide range of SME businesses, from start-ups to significant players.

“Glorious were a great team to work with on our re-branding project. They understood our challenges and took into account the legacy factors that our brand already held and couldn't be too far removed from. Glorious were able to work around this to produce a refreshed brand which encompasses ourselves and our audience, whilst giving us a strong differentiation from a widely similar competitor base in terms of look and feel.”

Sarah Wilson Marketing Manager

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