Here at Glorious HQ we’ve been going through a continual state of ‘decoration’, with new shelves, cupboards, floor, kitchen and a lick of our ‘eye searing’ corporate yellow covering a very large expanse of wall. We’ve also gradually been adorning our walls with hung photographs and ‘stuff-we-found-that-looks-cool’.

One of our more recent additions has been our pegboard. At nearly 5 meters long it certainly adds impact to the agency, especially when you consider what we’ve been collecting for it.

Amongst all the ‘tat’ we’ve obscure G.F Smith paper samples, some nice type found on a packet of pork scratchings we picked up at the pub and a very impressive plastic stag’s head.

Let me introduce you to our pegboard “Top 10” (in no particular order).

So, from the bottom…

Number 10: A roll of sellotape.
“I might have left that there by accident.” – Mark

Number 9: Plastic ‘e’
“I’ve no idea where it came from.” – Nick

Number 8: Printed mailer for book launch, in memory of the visual output from the miners strike 1984-85.
“We will think of something to write about the miners.” – Jeff
“The book cover ink is ‘infused’ with coal dust!” – Mark

Number 7: Pizza box
“Finger-licking good, although a little bit fascist.” – Jordan

Number 6: Big pencil
Part of our Glorious mailer posted out to prospective clients.
“What about it?” – Jeff


Number 5: Cornerhouse brochure
One of our longstanding clients, this brochure, one of the last ones produced, is now part of the archive with Cornerhouse moving on to ‘HOME’.
“Say it’s one of the last ones.” – Nick

Number 4: Dalton Maag Mailer
Specimen sheet for the ‘Plume’ typeface by Dalton Maag.
“I won it in a raffle.” – Nick

Number 3: Pigeon postcard
Simply a postcard with “I’m going to s*** on you” written next to a pigeon.
“Ha ha. Did you put that there?” – Mark

Number 2: Plastic Stag head
“Jeff likes the Stag head.” – Tom

Number 1: Linotype ligatures
One of our favourite additions to our pegboard. Part of thousands found in the Linotype archives to be thrown away during the buildings demolition, this is one of the reclaimed original master drawings used to create typefaces by Linotype in Manchester.
“The rest of the things are just ‘tat’ compared to it.” – Tom



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