Passing Time in the Loo – Steven W. Anderson (Editor)
Chosen by Chris Ball

Sir Francis Bacon allegedly said ‘knowledge is power’ and when better to indulge in a little book learning than in the extra leisure time afforded us when responding to the call of nature.

After years of re-reading the ingredients of Head & Shoulders (mainly conventional surfactants with a dash of Zinc pyrithione) and the terrifying leaflet on the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome found in boxes of Tampax, my bathroom literature of choice went up a notch upon the purchase of Steven W. Anderson’s wonderful ‘Passing Time in the Loo’.

Packed full of two-page distillations of over 120 literary classics, biographies of historical figures, and short summaries of topics ranging from art and architecture to history and sports, it’s a chance to better yourself at the most unlikely of times in the most peculiar of places.

With the Glorious restrooms now proudly displaying volumes one and two (toilet pun fully intended) we now offer our visiting clients a level of erudition they certainly don’t normally receive in their dealings with us.

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