Don’t just follow your kids on social media. Lead them.

For the last couple of years Lora Coraci from Intercept Fishing, one of our recent branding clients based in New York, and her friend Deirdre, have been working on a project focused on children and social media. 

Now live, the Thumbs Down. Speak Up. (TDSU) website has been created to help parents and caregivers teach tweens the skills they will one day need to navigate the online landscape without constant parental oversight.

Whether we like it or not, social media plays an important role in our kids’ lives. They socialise, experiment with their identities, exercise their voices, and learn about the world through photo and video sharing apps, instant messaging, and gaming chats.

It’s no wonder that we want to shield our children from harm when they are online. But when we let worries about keeping our kids safe dictate how we protect them, we can overlook teaching them the skills they need to navigate their online lives without our constant oversight.

Rooted in child development research and utilising time-tested teaching techniques, TDSU provides the tools needed to set your kids up for success. With the TDSU approach, you can feel confident that your children will be armed with the skills they need to be independent and responsible users of social media.

A cause the team at Glorious wanted to get behind – we know just as well as TDSU do, that the success of TDSU its success depends on you. 

Please help us to support their mission – by doing one (or many) of the simple things listed below, and help to spread the word:

– Pass the link along to any friends or family who might be interested.
– Help us grow our network and share on your social media platforms.
– Want to help more? Maybe your alumni network or childrens’ schools would be interested in learning about what we are up to. Feel free to pass us along directly or to let us know who we might contact in any organisations that you are affiliated with.
– Do you know someone who is an expert who would want to provide us with pro bono services? (public relations, website administration, social media management, accounting, etc) We will take it! Let us know :)
– Do you know anyone in the field of psychology, technology, or education who would want to partner with us for future research or community outreach?
– Do you know anyone with media connections who might be interested in doing a story about our mission or mentioning us in an article?
– Do you know anyone who works for a foundation that might be interested in furthering our mission?

Thank you for helping us to promote Thumbs Down. Speak Up!

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