Why You Should Know A Bit About Your Brand's Personality

In the early 20th century, psychologist, Carl Jung proposed that humans instinctively categorised personalities into 12 main types, which allowed them to quickly make judgements about people they were dealing with. Since then, research indicates the same can be said for brands.

We all make judgements about brands, based on their way with words, colours, graphics and images they use across their marketing among many other things. So, when these brand features fail to align themselves with 1 of 12 brand archetypes, it becomes far more likely people will fail to recognise your brand. Your brand messages may feel unclear and indistinct.

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The team at Glorious Creative have nearly two decades behind them in working with a diverse range of businesses, helping clients to articulate the very essence of brand personality, in order to appeal to and attract exactly the right type of customer. Over the years it’s become clear that although there is undoubtedly an enormous variety in the types of company, product or services we’ve worked with, there isn’t actually all that much variation in the type of brand. And funnily enough, a number of papers and experts have pointed to the same conclusion, identifying just 12 archetype brand personalities that all successful brands can be built upon.

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