The Brief

In 1838 a French baker named Jean Bardou came up with the idea for a booklet of cigarette papers made from thin, pure rice paper. After an illustrious history in Europe and the USA, the brand in the UK needed to be re-launched due to a prolonged period of limited marketing support. The product was of a higher quality than its competitors and distribution was still good. Our brief was to increase awareness amongst a younger and ‘cooler’ audience.

Our Response

Based on the fact that Job was the first double pack of cigarette papers we created the brand proposition ‘The Original Double’. To link into the interests of the target market, we identified music, comedy and art iconic doubles such as The Mighty Boosh, White Stripes and Gilbert and George, beautifully illustrated by the Stuckist artist Paul Harvey. The poster campaign was fly posted (in cities where it was allowable), to communicate to a target audience that was difficult to reach with mainstream advertising.

Creation of Brand Assets

Creative Concept

National Poster Campaign

Press Advertisments

The Outcome

By adopting fly posting as our “media” we were able to achieve 200 “poster sites” in 12 cities; a total of 2400 sites for the cost of two Adshells. The campaign achieved a high level of awareness amongst our core target audience and was awarded a Gramia Award in the outdoor category.

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