The Brief

Envivo Group, consisting of a number of different divisions, wanted to streamline their brand so that it would better reflect their renewed vision and defined ambitions for the future. The rebrand would consolidate the majority of divisions under a single entity, delivering greater cohesion and clarity across its communications. Starting an exciting new chapter provided a unique opportunity to take the best of what had gone before and to build on this going forward. The group have a proud history, growing and developing from a number of smaller businesses into a stronger, large-scale provider of specialist adult social care.

The project remit was far reaching, from the renaming of the organisation, to a new brand identity that would manifest itself through a comprehensive implementation programme. The Envivo estate was vast in terms of geographical locations, and the different types of residency offered. The print and digital requirements were multi-channelled, furthermore, consistency and cohesion across all communications would be crucial when addressing internal and external audiences.

Our Response

Armed with a new name; ivolve – we developed an identity system, one which appeared friendly and flexible. The ivolve brand is intended to be much more than a logo or a name, it’s a reflection of how the social care provider has evolved, and how they’re creating a new way forward. It celebrates the size of the business and shows they are fresh, they are modern, and they are ambitious in their goal to aid flourishing lives.

We wanted to create an identity that was playful and vibrant. Raising a smile in the mind when observing the ‘person’, arms aloft, at the start of the wordmark, combined with a symbol that represents the flourishing and nurturing environment ivolve cultivate. The symbol inspired an entire graphic language that was used to help communicate and reinforce key messages and themes, both off and online.

Using colour psychology, we opted for a restrictive palette of greens and blues. Appreciating the influence that colour has on human emotion and behaviour, green represents: peace, nature, harmony and renewal, whilst blue represents: tranquility, calmness, intelligence and trust.

Utilising a graphic language

A diverse but comprehensive range of symbols were created to bring an additional dynamic to the identity toolkit. The visual language enabled our designers to introduce scale, pattern and texture to a diverse range of communications. The symbols and shapes could be utilised to add energy to the designs and layouts, adding an element of playfulness when appropriate.

Photographic and video content

ivolve thrive on co-production, giving people choices and supporting them with their ambitions, helping them to live fulfilled lives through a person-led approach. It was important to showcase the wonderful and genuine relationships that exist between the carers and service users, which is reflected in our approach to photography and videography. We documented the care and support received, visually representing how the professional expertise and passion of the ivolve team enriches and benefits the lives of service users.

Ivolve Extras

ivolve strive to create a friendly, positive and inspiring environment where colleagues can share their ideas and passion for care. The business wanted to recognise the contributions made, making it clear to colleagues just how important they are, and how much they are valued. They also wanted to acknowledge loyalty, and how it benefits not only ivolve the business, but more importantly the service users.

We collaborated with ivolve to create a sub-identity which expanded the visual language created for the main brand, reflecting the celebratory nature of the benefits and prizes offered to colleagues. The creative direction was used for internal marketing, social media, work anniversary cards, monthly superhero prizes, and much more.

The Result

The new ivolve brand has been very well-received by both internal and external stakeholders. The communications have been strengthened, introducing a consistency and cohesion that previously didn’t exist. Prior to the rebrand, the Group struggled with retaining and recruiting new colleagues, but the new brand – and in particular, a comprehesive colleague attraction campaign we created and delivered – has helped achieve industry-leading recruitment figures due to a sense of pride and improved culture.

We have genuinely enjoyed working with such compassionate and committed people, who dedicate their working lives to caring for those most in need. We were delighted, when recently, ivolve was shortlisted as one of just fifteen Very Big Organisations in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work.


“Working with Glorious has been a fantastic experience. They truly understood our organisation and the importance of reflecting our values through our brand. They brought our personality to life beautifully, and reflected everything we stand for in their design work. The team was incredibly easy to work with, quick and responsive, and provided both great counsel and value.

Their sense of creativity is outstanding, and they managed a quick turnaround despite a tight brief. The new ivolve brand has been very well-received in the market, helping us to consolidate the original organisations and position our group as a leader in specialist care. To add, the rebrand has united our colleagues under a shared purpose and ambition, fostering a stronger sense of community and dedication within our team. The brand work has helped us to achieve some fantastic results culturally. Glorious also excelled in helping us activate the brand across multiple platforms, both owned and earned with a staggering amount of different materials produced, from brochureware, to policy documents, to social media posts, and a new website. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Glorious for their exceptional work.”

Gill Galassi, Communications Director at ivolve Group


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