Faced with the task of assessing your brand’s strength against the competition how would you go about it? Let’s make things a little tougher, you need to come up with an intelligent answer by tomorrow morning. This is the moment in time to refer to the world’s largest database of consumer and brand behavior. It’s been going for 20 years, $140 million dollars has been invested in it, it’s surveyed 750,000 people about 50,000 brands in 51 countries across 200 market categories. If you’re anticipating ploughing through endless volumes of research data, relax. The findings couldn’t be simpler or more insightful. As the bar chart below demonstrates, there are just four key measures; Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem and Knowledge. And their relative importance, in terms of brand strength and brand stature, can be deduced by the step-down pattern. So next time someone puts you on the spot with a question about your brand’s strength, refer to the graphic below and flex your marketing muscles.

BrandStrength Chart

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