We can’t possibly sit still here at Glorious. That’s why we like to change things around once in a while. Our last studio addition was the pegboard back in April of last year. Now adorned with many new and unusual collected ephemera, such as a bike cog, a twig that’s a pencil, various postcards and even more print samples.

That’s why back one Friday in August we packed down our desk spaces and disassembled our desks to create a blank canvas. We came back Monday morning to a completely different studio space. Where previously seven desks were assembled together in one central island all nice and cosy, two islands were created expanding to 12 potential desks. Some kind of Feng Shui DIY wizard must have visited during the night because the studio now looks mysteriously bigger than before…

And so, we claimed our new seats and set up our desks just the way we like them. Whilst we adorned our new desks we realised each of us likes to personalise our space and has little things we like to keep near. “A perfect subject to blog about!” we cried out as one.”

Starting from the top: Mark ‘Senior’ keeps shotgun shells in his in-tray. We don’t question it.



Tom next, who wins the ‘Most interesting pen-pot award’, also the ‘Most-pens-combined-in-one-pen’ award too. Nice.



Jeff’s desk is usually stacked with paper clutter, well, floor AND desk. But front and centre is his wooden ‘Ai “AL” Weiwei’ push-up toy.



Nick was unavailable for comment, but as an interesting side note, the terracotta figure atop his Mac was stolen from an outdoor art installation.



Chris likes tea, Chris also likes Coffee, Chris doesn’t like washing his mug.



Mark ‘Junior’ (no relation) likes collecting ’things’. But interestingly has tiny people watching his every move…



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