Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design; in fact, the very first wood floors were found all the way back in the middle-ages, so it’s fair to say a good floor will always be counted as a necessity, as well as a stylistic choice.

So, when our client Chris approached us about starting a separate D2C online arm of his physical flooring business, we were eager to hit the ground running. With over a decade of experience successfully selling and fitting floors, Chris wanted to test the online market under a new brand name, focussing more on DIY flooring to expand the business further and appeal to more customers, nationwide.

This client wanted to do more than sell floors; they wanted to make flooring as cost-effective as possible by championing and promoting DIY, showing and informing their buyers that a new floor doesn’t have to be the financial or physical commitment it used to be. Gone are the days of outsourcing tradespeople, and in are the days of empowering shoppers to get clued up and learn new skills all from the comfort of a phone or laptop – which in the current financial climate, could make all the difference between leaving a product in your basket and moving it to checkout. However, alongside this it was important that the new brand feel bold yet contemporary and deviate away from other ‘bargain basement’ brands that dominated the market, appealing to the slightly more discerning, interiors-focussed, female customer.

The first task for us here at Glorious was creating the name. After a collaborative process with our client Chris, we decided on Floorzy.



After settling on the name, we moved on to the brand identity and a brand toolkit to help consistency and communication, including a bespoke logo, chatty tone of voice (ToV), typeface, colour palette and photography style that we implemented across various online channels such as the website and social media platforms. It was essential to the client that the business felt personable, a partnership between customer and owner. Chris wanted to ensure that every shopper would receive (or at the very least feel like they were receiving) a personalised service from the founder – an experienced and approachable flooring expert. The friendly and warm ToV we created for web, social and email content, further emphasised this.



By honing in on the focus of DIY flooring, we were able to Floorzy them apart from competitors and forge a convincing brand narrative. Floorzy: The Flooring Fanatics and your new flooring partners – rather than just your average run-of-the-mill flooring supplier.

We delved deep into a competitor and digital analysis of the existing business, to develop Keyword, SEO and PPC findings to better inform our content and digital strategy, identify the target audience and allow Floorzy to establish itself as an independent flooring retailer – building real connection with its consumers across a range of paid and organic channels.

Armed with the knowledge needed, a fresh new identity and a friendly and helpful ToV, we turned our focus to social media, assembling a platform for this new brand to exist and act as a stepping-stone to the online store. We created an abundance of social media content to populate Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, emphasising DIY knowledge, educational and informative flooring content and interior design trends appealing to the focus audience of young females interested in home interiors and lifestyle.




In addition to creating a series of helpful blogs and flooring how-tos, we gave the client a starter pack of relevant stock imagery, catchy slogans, social posts and templates, which reflected the brand identity of the helpful, informative flooring partners. Likewise, we designed and scripted two informative animated video guides for the website and YouTube to bring some of the key educational content to life. These guides focussed on measuring rooms and laying flooring, demystifying the process for the average homeowner, making DIY flooring projects not only easily digestible, but accessible for all.



After our client had built Floorzy a Shopify site using the brand we’d created, among other things we further enhanced the online customer experience by implementing the brand narrative consistently across the site, fine-tuning the collections and product page experiences, adding an interiors inspiration page, and guiding customers to sample ordering and key product and brand benefits.



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