There are lots of good reasons to take a long, hard look at your brand. Maybe new competitors have entered your market. Or you’re finding it difficult to express your brand difference. Perhaps you’ve developed new products and services. Or your company’s growth has slowed or stopped. A brand workshop will help you tackle and overcome these issues. But more than that, it will give you a powerful brand proposition you can build on and sustain.

Send For Your Free DIY Brand Workshop Pack

Our DIY brand workshop pack is the result of testing many ways to get to brand truths. And we make no apology for occasionally borrowing the best of other people’s ideas. Now it’s up to you. Most of the exercises are straightforward. And coming up with the answers will reveal what your brand stands for, and how it can take on and beat the competition.

The Free DIY Brand Book includes:

7 Tried And Tested Workshop Exercises
How to break the ice with a fun ice-breaker
Advice on running a successful workshop
Examples from the world’s most famous brands
How to create a winning brand positioning
The benefits of developing a brand vision
Bringing it all together in your own brand book
The best place to hold your brand workshop

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