Fifty – Renzo Rosso
Chosen by Mark Ross

“It’s fair to say that once my mum no longer had control over my wardrobe and stopped dressing me in Wrangler jeans in the 1970s, I’ve always been a Levi guy when it comes to brand of jean. I still remember trawling up and down Kings Road or around Camden Locks as a student, trying to search out the best pair of ‘worn in’ imported American 501’s – a must for every young Rockabilly. I’d have to concede I’ve occasionally strayed but always returned to what I believe is the most iconic jean brand – think Brando in the 1953 movie The Wild One. However, when some years ago I spotted this Limited Edition book celebrating the 50th birthday of Diesel’s founder Renzo Rosso, it was a purchase I felt I had to make. It provides a great insight into the man’s original vision and his phenomenal rise to success, from the first pair of jeans the young Italian ran up on his mother’s sewing machine, through to building one of the most successful clothing empires in recent times. As you might expect, it is lavish in the extreme, from the textured flock cover to quirky pop-ups, all lovingly crafted with incredible attention to detail. Something that Renzo has always demanded of himself, his team of designers and the many collaborators over the years. Having paid homage to this remarkable book, have I managed to remain loyal to Levis or sworn allegiance to Diesel? That dear reader is something strictly between a man and his jeans.”
















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