Manuals 2 / Design & Identity Guidelines – Unit Editions
Chosen by Chris McMahon

“As I recently received this book as a gift, it seemed appropriate to choose it as my first book of the month.

With over 400 pages, (not one to carry around in your rucksack), it showcases 20 great examples of corporate and brand identity systems. Guidelines included are for Reuters, The Montreal Olympic games (a personal favourite), IBM, British Rail, RAC and First Direct.

What makes the examples so interesting, are their overall clarity, consistency, and attention to detail. As we work in an age where such guidelines are mainly digital, they often appear to have been ‘dumbed down’ and simplified to the point where only the most basic guidance is given. That’s why it’s great to look over these iconic examples and appreciate the meticulous detail, time and consideration that was spent putting them together.

With a foreword by the legendary Lance Wyman, it’s a brilliant reference book to dip in and out of.”

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